RiverView Molds & Ross Molds

Dealership Program


       Receive a 40% Discount.

       Be one of the first to see the new releases on the WEB

       Receive a free RiverView Catalog CD with initial purchase.

       Molds shipped dry and ready to use.


    To initiate a Dealership Discount Program:

1.  A purchase of $500.00 Retail ($300.00 net) will receive a
     Dealership Discount of 40%

      2.  Minimum orders of $100.00 Retail ($60.00 net)
 receive a Dealership Discount of 40%.

 3.  Dealer Discount is valid for one (1) year.

 4.  Two (2) maintenance purchases are required per year,
to retain your Dealership Discount for the following year.

 5.  Orders must be paid prior to shipping.

 6.  S&H charges will be applicable on all orders.

 7.  Print Application, complete and send with your order.








RiverView Molds Dealership Application



Dear Customer,

If you would like to become a RiverView Mold Dealer,
            we need the following information with your initial  order.                      
            (Specials, Free Molds are provide by  Ceramic Trade Show Locations)

1.        Name of business:

2.         Personal name:

3.        Mailing  Address:

4.         City, State, Zip

4.         Phone:

5.         Email:

6.         Ceramic Trade Shows:


RiverView Molds
 Williamsburg, Iowa 52361
Phone/ Fax   1-319-668-9800